Find a Kita spot in Pankow

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One of the most praised districts by expat families in Berlin. Centrally located but also close to parks, lakes and the green outskirts of Berlin, with great offerings for kids such as parks, bookstores, cafés, playgrounds…

Prenzlauer Berg is of course a small haven for many expats and there has never been so many Kitas in the area. But they’re often overbooked and waiting lists are… crazy long. Needless to say that families are now moving slightly out of Berlin and spreading in the whole Pankow area.

Pankow is composed of 12 districts (aka Ortsteile):

  • Prenzlauer Berg
  • Weißensee
  • Blankenburg
  • Heinersdorf
  • Karow
  • Stadtrandsiedlung
  • Pankow
  • Blankenfelde
  • Buch
  • Französisch Buchholz
  • Niederschönhausen
  • Rosenthal
  • Wilhelmsruh

We have listed 441 childcare services (these are Kitas, nannies aka Tagesmutter/vater, parental run Kitas, etc.) in the area of Pankow, which is where we have the largest offering in Berlin, but also is one of the most populated areas (almost 400,000 in 2017).

We recommend narrowing down your Kita search with your postcode to find the nearest Kindergarten.