Finding a Kindergarten in Berlin can be a real struggle, especially when you’re from abroad and have little to no experience with searching for a Kita.
We know it because we’re parents and we’ve been there.
From understanding the timelines, probably moving apartments, trying to get the best out of the Berlin Kita Navigator to actually navigating through the bureaucracy of the Jugendamt to get your hands on the precious Kita voucher (or Gutschein), getting a place in a Kita  in Berlin can sometimes feel beyond our control.
Whatever Bezirk you are in in Berlin, there are daycare services near you. And to make it easy, we have compiled and are permanently updating a list of most of all the Kindergärten in Berlin, with:
– Official names
– Addresses
– Phone numbers (when available)
– Emails (when available)
– Relevant youth office (Jugendamt)
So you can up your chances of getting a positive response for a spot in a Kita in Berlin. We’ve built a file for every Berliner district (that’s 2600+ Kitas!) in Berlin only. You can download the file now.
Many of us are looking at getting a place in a Kita in Berlin where our children can be, grow, learn, socialise and ideally all this in our neighborhood. Most of the time, we don’t really have the choice: we take what we get, holding onto that precious Kita voucher until we get a YES.