I’m the very proud and happy father of two. I’m residing in Germany since 2013 following a handful of years in other countries, following different paths. It had been a very lively and sometimes challenging, but nothing compared to actually having children – and having to find a place in the Kita for them in Berlin. So basically, after going through the whole process of going to the Jugendamt, understanding what was needed, getting all paperwork translated, gathering all the other paperwork, trying my luck (without success) on the Kita Navigator Berlin, I finally managed to get what I wanted. And I was exhausted (maybe it was the process, maybe it was having a child. Not sure).

And as a foreigner in any country, it is -or at least feels– difficult to achieve what seems easy in our motherland. But being expats comes at a price!

This is why I decided to help out. This website started out of an Excel sheet and has now become a website. I’ve been manually monitoring, proofing, adding, tweaking… all the information to make it as clean as possible. 

I hope you enjoy it and that it actually serves you. If you have any question or remark or need assistance, please feel free to reach out.